What’s New with EarthBalls?

“Out of this World” Audience with Pope Francis

An orbiting Earthball was prominently displayed aboard the International Space Station throughout the audience that the six ISS astronauts enjoyed with Pope Francis on October 26, 2017.  This historical event was broadcast worldwide and viewed by millions. See an excerpt from the video or watch the entire 26 minute broadcast.

Apollo 8 Astronaut Reunion

Apollo8flyer.thumb    kali, Moon & Earth.thumb

On May 14, 2016, the three Apollo 8 astronauts got together with a few folks at the Heritage Flight Museum in Burlington, WA. Orbis World Globes displayed a 4′ Moon and a 10′ Earth which were strategically situated to replicate the astronauts’ perspective from lunar orbit, as seen in Bill Anders’ famous ‘Earthrise’ photograph. Orbis founder Eric Morris and his 9 year old granddaughter Kaliana were privileged to attend this historical event and meet the first three men who flew to the Moon in 1968.

TEDx Orcas Island


Orbis founder Eric Morris was a presenter at TEDx Orcas Island, speaking about the inception & gestation of EarthBalls, and how various influences as diverse as Bucky Fuller & The Grateful Dead inspired him to create the world’s first photorealistic globes. Watch his amusing and revealing talk: “Hey Buckminster, What Should I Do With My Life?”

NASA publishes EarthBall story

Orbis is featured in “Spinoff”, an annual NASA publication profiling civilian applications of NASA space technology.


View a pdf of this four-page article with photos. Or read the story (with small photos) on the NASA Spinoff website.

Time Magazine EarthBall Centerfold

The cover story of Time Magazine features a 10′ diameter Orbis World Globe across the centerfold spread (pages 36-37 and 39).

Here’s the cover & the two page centerfold photo:


Read the accompanying article 10 Ideas That Are Changing The World on Time Magazine’s website.