World Globes Earth Ball for Tradeshows


Orbis creates giant EarthBalls for any occasion, a very important duo being tradeshows and exhibitions. These gorgeous globes are perfect for a permanent display or a temporary, one-time event. They can even be totally customized with your branding and imagery to create an extra special showpiece. 

You can attract customers at your next tradeshow, business exhibition, or press event with a giant EarthBall. A large revolving globe will let people know you’re internationally positioned or have a global presence. Our giant EarthBall will draw customers to your booth from aisles away. Display your giant globe above or within your exhibit space, put it on or next to the stage, even use it indoors or outside. You can be sure that your beautiful giant globe will catch and hold every eye.

Orbis museum quality EarthBalls can be purchased or rented. These giant globes can be installed as a permanent exhibition or used as a temporary, mobile display. 

Our rental fleet features globes with NASA’s beautiful Blue Marble imagery, with clouds and without borders. However, should you choose to purchase a giant globe, your EarthBall may be customized to your exact specifications.  A custom globe can have a company logo, worldwide locations, route maps, whatever you can conceive. The EarthBall is your oyster!

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“The most significant achievement of that lunar voyage was not that man set foot on the Moon, but that he set eyes on the Earth.”

Norman Cousins, author