Please read some of our favorite testimonials from satisfied customers throughout the years:

“The globe looked great, it worked perfectly and the client loved it. It was a real hit. Everything was great. Thank you very much.” – Mike Armstrong, The Spark Agency

“We, and in fact our entire campus, have been thrilled with our globe. Mounted where it can be seen through windows in a highly trafficked part or our campus, it has become an important landmark. The illuminated globe is especially spectacular at night. During athletic events in the adjacent Carrier Dome thousands of sports fans see the globe as they arrive and leave events. I can recommend this kind of globe for anyone who really wants to make a powerful visual impact.” – Dr. Jeffrey Karson, Department of Earth Sciences, Syracuse University

“The Earthball is a wonderful reminder of the important work we are doing throughout the region to protect our environment both here at home and around the globe.” – Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle

“I was glad to succeed in having your 16 foot diameter globe here at the United Nations World Urban Forum. It was every bit as visually exciting in real life as it appeared in your pictures.” – Trish Maisonville, President MACI Conventions Inc.

“The globe was a HUGE hit with everyone! It did its job by pulling people in from across the trade show floor. It was great! The set up and tear down went flawlessly and the globe worked perfectly. Thank you for following up and showing so much interest in the success of our booth!” – Taylor Stewart, President/COO, EnvirOx LLC

“It is especially important to see the image of the world without the human-made boundaries.” -Gabrielle Silva, Friends of the United Nations

“It is without a doubt one of the most amazing kid magnets I’ve ever seen! A lightweight, portable, beach planet.” – Bruce Williamson, Back to Nurture Publishing

“I always take an EarthBall with me into the classroom. The students love it and the Global Handbook is excellent.” – Anne McTaggart, Our Planet in Every Classroom

“The Orbis globe was a wonderful centerpiece and we received many terrific compliments regarding it’s striking presence. It was a super landmark that you could see from anywhere within the convention hall. It was easy to direct people to our exhibit, and once there they found the globe even more impressive. Thanks for all your help in making this event such a terrific success for us. – Ryan K. Peterman, MidContinent Controls, Inc.

“I like to display the EarthBall above my daughter’s bed so she grows up aware of this remarkable global perspective.” – Didier Gincig, educator

“When I look at the EarthBall, it makes my heart shine.” – Patience Olsen, age 3, Orcas Island, WA

Thank you for reading our favorite testimonials! If you’ve ever purchased an Orbis World Globe, we’d love to hear your story!
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