Earth Ball Concerts


EarthBalls are a wonderful teaching aid. They are a great compliment to the standard globes found in many classrooms. While a political globe enables students to locate countries and cities, only an EarthBall (or a trip to outer space) gives the true perspective of how our home planet actually appears without borders and boundaries.

Teachers and students of all ages love EarthBalls. They have discovered its usefulness in a wide range of subjects, from the natural sciences of geography, meteorology and environmental science, to the social sciences of history, culture, exploration, current events, and global relationships.

Each and every inflatable EarthBall comes with the 20-page Global Handbook. It is chock full of games, activities and resources for Earth adventurers of all ages.

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When you inflate your EarthBall, be sure to blow it up nice and round. The globe should actually stretch slightly when you are blowing it up, so it becomes perfectly spherical. (Don’t worry about popping it with lung power. You most likely cannot. We’ve tried.)

If you want to hang your EarthBall up in your classroom, the 16-inch EarthBall can be hung from the inflation valve at the North Pole and the 1-meter EarthBall has a hanging loop at the North Pole.


Here are several lesson plans you can download for free.

This lesson plan provided by Verena Blasy at Parks Canada:
Day, Night & Seasons

NASA provides a great many free resources for educators:
NASA Education

This lesson plan is made available by the Space Science Organization and we were referred to it by NASA:
Kinesthetic Astronomy

This lesson plan is made available by NASA (You can replace the basketball mentioned in the plan with a 16-inch EarthBall):
NASA distance to the moon


We are always looking for photos, videos and lesson plans of teachers using our EarthBalls in the classroom, so we have the following special offer:

  • Send us a digital image of you and/or your students teaching with any size EarthBall. If we use your photo, we’ll send you a free 16 inch EarthBall.
  • Send us a video of you and/or your students teaching with an EarthBall. If we use your video, we’ll send you a free 1meter EarthBall (or six 16 inch EarthBalls).
  • Send us your lesson plan that incorporates EarthBalls. If we use it, we’ll send you a free 1 meter EarthBall (or six 16 inch EarthBalls).

Visit our Certification of Compliance page to learn about how Small EarthBalls comply with all product safety regulations.