Event EarthBalls for Trade Shows, Conferences, Parades and Festivals

Universal people attractors, an Orbis event EarthBall will draw all eyes to your exhibit and create a fascinating display. It will draw people to your booth from aisles away. Whether your next event is a festival, parade, tradeshow or conference, you can add a new dimension of excitement with a revolving giant globe. Elevate your next special occasion to a new level of memorable experience with an event EarthBall.

You can purchase a giant globe, custom made to your specifications, or you can rent a globe from our fleet of NASA satellite image event EarthBalls.

We’ve learned from experience that we need to understand your individual situation before suggesting a globe or quoting prices. To receive a quote, please fill out our Inquiry Form. After you submit the form, we usually contact you within one business day.

Event EarthBall Considerations

Things to think about when specifying your globe:

    • What size giant globe would best serve your needs?
    • How will you display the globe? What do you want event EarthBall to do for you?
    • Do you want to buy or rent a globe?
    • Will the globe be displayed indoors or outdoors?
    • Will the globe be permanently installed in one place or will this be a temporary/mobile display?
    • Do you want our standard NASA satellite imagery, with cloudforms, or do you want to customize the globe?
    • Will the globe be suspended from above or supported from below?
    • Do you want your event EarthBall to rotate?