EarthBalls for Events, Trade Shows, Conferences, Parades and Festivals

Universal people attractors, an Orbis event EarthBall will draw all eyes to your exhibit and create a fascinating display. It will draw people to your booth from aisles away. Whether your next event is a festival, parade, tradeshow or conference, you can add a new dimension of excitement with a revolving giant globe. Elevate your next special occasion to a new level of memorable experience with an event EarthBall.

You can purchase a giant globe, custom made to your specifications, or you can rent a globe from our fleet of NASA satellite image event EarthBalls.

We’ve learned from experience that we need to understand your individual situation before suggesting a globe or quoting prices. To receive a quote, please fill out our Inquiry Form. After you submit the form, we usually contact you within one business day.

Considerations Regarding EarthBalls for Events

Things to think about when specifying your globe:

    • What size giant globe would best serve your needs?
    • How will you display the globe? What do you want event EarthBall to do for you?
    • Do you want to buy or rent a globe?
    • Will the globe be displayed indoors or outdoors?
    • Will the globe be permanently installed in one place or will this be a temporary/mobile display?
    • Do you want our standard NASA satellite imagery, with cloudforms, or do you want to customize the globe?
    • Will the globe be suspended from above or supported from below?
    • Do you want your event EarthBall to rotate?