World Globe Church Banner by Earth Ball


Orbis EarthBalls are found in churches and temples of many faiths. Gazing at one of these beautiful, serene, rotating globes has sparked many conversations about our place in the world. Many religious organizations and churches advocate for environmental stewardship as an integral part of their teachings. Some promote a global perspective through relief programs and overseas missions. Additionally, Orbis EarthBalls have been installed in many church lobbies and sanctuaries, as well as being displayed at prayer circles, church conferences, and many other events. Share the magnificence of God’s creation with your congregation.

EarthBalls have graced:
Church lobbies
Youth conferences
Church fundraisers
Prayer circles
Peace meditations
Marches for justice
Community parades

Share a message of global peace and unity. Undeniably, a giant EarthBall can be a symbol of your commitment to creating a better world for everyone.

EarthBalls Show How We Are All Connected

EarthBalls, which show the world as it is without borders, are a powerful way for churches and temples to remind their congregations of our interconnectedness as a people. Similarly, this unique and visually stunning perspective of our planet can inspire us to live more compassionate and responsible lives.

In addition to their symbolic value, EarthBalls can also be used as educational tools. They can help students learn about different cultures and geography, and they can spark conversations about environmental stewardship and global citizenship.

Churches and temples can use EarthBalls in a variety of ways. For example, they can be used as a focal point for worship services and other religious gatherings, a teaching tool for Sunday school classes and other religious education programs, a way to promote environmental stewardship and global citizenship, and a symbol of unity and hope for the future.

When we look at an EarthBall, we are reminded that we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves. It’s important to realize we are all connected to each other and to the planet we call home.


Orbis inflatable world globes are portable, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Even giant EarthBalls of enormous size can be economically shipped anywhere and moved through normal-sized doorways for indoor display. A 16-foot diameter globe can easily fit through a 3-foot wide door when deflated.

In addition to being portable, Orbis world globes are also visually authentic. Thanks to new superwide inkjet printers, NASA photographic satellite imagery can be printed directly onto the globe’s surface, creating museum-quality giant globes.

Orbis globes are also perfectly round and 100% wrinkle-free. These big, beautiful, spherical globes are sure to impress everyone who sees them. First-time viewers typically assume that Orbis globes are made of rigid material, but they are often surprised to learn that they are inflatable.

Finally, Orbis inflatable world globes are lightweight. They can be deflated down to a small, lightweight package for shipping, and all but the biggest globes can be shipped by common carriers. This makes them easy to transport to and from events, and even a few children can easily carry a giant inflated world globe.