A 12' Giant EarthBall on campus

Why Inflatable World Globes?

Orbis inflatable world globes are portable. Giant EarthBalls of enormous size can be economically shipped anywhere, and moved through normal size doorways for inside display. A 16 foot diameter globe can fit through a 3 foot wide door with ease, when it is deflated.

Photo-realistic Inflatable Globes

Orbis world globes are visually authentic. This are museum quality giant globes. Thanks to new superwide inkjet printers, NASA photographic satellite imagery can be printed directly onto the globe’s surface.

Spherical Inflatable Globes

Orbis globes are perfectly round and 100% wrinkle-free. These are big, beautiful, spherical globes. First-time viewers typically assume Orbis globes to be made of rigid material and are quite surprised to learn otherwise.

Lightweight Inflatable Globes

Orbis inflatable world globes are lightweight. They deflate down to a small, lightweight package for shipping. All but the biggest globes can be shipped by common carriers. These globes can be carried in parades and marches. A few children can easily carry a giant inflated world globe .