The Most Realistic World Globes, Anywhere!

Earthballs are the most visually authentic world globes available throughout the known Universe, featuring our home planet as seen from outer Space.

Orbis World Globes is the world’s original designer / creator of photorealistic world globes.  We offer a wide array of spherical ‘reality globes’ both small and large – as small as 16 inch diameter EarthBalls, and as large as giant 20+ feet illuminated, revolving world replicas.  These giant globes can be mobile, floor/pedestal mounted or suspended in temporary exhibits and permanent installations.  Custom globes featuring your design/artwork may be produced.

We offer our 16 inch EarthBalls and 1 meter (40 inch) EarthBalls, for retail and wholesale purchase. Each is packaged with the 20 page Global Handbook.

Our giant EarthBalls are available for purchase or rental in a variety of sizes, with many optional features for events, permanent installations and mobile displays.

Original creator of NASA image globes

Inspired by photos of the whole Earth taken by the Apollo astronauts, EarthBalls feature NASA’s ‘Blue Marble’ satellite image. For over 30 years, our mission has been to share the astronaut’s view of Earth from outer space, so everyone can appreciate the incredible beauty of our home planet.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous assistance of NASA and NOAA in providing the satellite imagery and technical support that helped bring EarthBalls into form.

We design, create, sell & rent photorealistic world globes

Orbis sells small 16 inch and 1 meter (40 inch) diameter EarthBalls here. These are also available wholesale to stores and resellers worldwide.

We create giant Museum-Quality EarthBalls 3 to 30 feet diameter, produced to your specifications for temporary exhibits, mobile displays and permanent installations..  We also produce custom globes form your concept, artwork or design.

We sell inexpensive giant parade globes from 6-12 feet for your parade, rally, march, concert or production.

We also maintain a rental fleet of giant Museum Quality EarthBalls for your trade show, conference, festival, photo/film shoot, etc.

Send us an Inquiry to receive information about purchasing or renting a giant Museum Quality EarthBall.  We’ll contact you to discuss your requirements, followed by a quote for the optimum solution to your situation.