Small EarthBalls

Buy 16 inch EarthBalls

Small enough to hug, the 16 inch (40 cm) diameter EarthBall features the latest generation of NASA satellite imagery. These small EarthBalls are the most visually authentic world globes available anywhere.

Each EarthBall displays ‘NightGlow Cities’, allowing you to see the world’s cities glowing brightly at night.
Every EarthBall comes with the 20 page Global Handbook, chock full of games, activities and informational resources for Earth adventurers of all ages.
Easy to inflate, EarthBalls can be suspended from the North Pole for display.

EarthBalls make a wonderful gift for children, teens, adults… just about anyone. Order one or more EarthBalls today and “Give ’em the World!”

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Buy 1 Meter EarthBalls

Almost too big to wrap your arms around, the 1 meter (40 inch) diameter EarthBall features the latest and greatest NASA satellite imagery. These globes are the most visually authentic world replicas available anywhere.

Each of these inflatable globes displays ‘NightGlow Cities’, replicating the Astronaut’s view of the Earth from space at night.

Like it’s smaller 16 inch sister, each 1meter EarthBall is packaged with the 20 page Global Handbook, with activities, games and Earth facts for children from ages 3 – 93.

They’re easy to inflate and have a suspension loop at the North Pole to suspend from the ceiling.

The 1 meter EarthBall makes a wonderful gift for child or adult. It is large enough to display in your parade, church, school or non-profit event.

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